Robolinho 700E

Robolinho 700E Lawnmower Small, compact and agile. The Robolinho 700E takes care of your lawn automatically and quietly. The robotic lawnmower is... more info

Solo 107L-S Brushcutter

Solo 107L-S Brushcutter Multiple functions with just one device – that's what this brushcutter has to offer with its easy quick coupling feature... more info

Solo 116 Brushcutter

Solo 116 Brushcutter This light and easy to handle, entry level brushcutter with a practical loop grip is ideal for trimming and clearing out high... more info

Solo 120 Brushcutter

Solo 120 Brushcutter With a 1.1kW engine and a displacement of 42.7cc, this brushcutter doesn't shy away from strong wild growth and bushes. A... more info

Solo 461 5 Litre Hand Held Sprayer

Solo 461 5 ltr Hand Held Sprayer Light-weight universal sprayer. Wide filling opening and the optional locking of the spray wand. Generously sized... more info

Solo 6238 Petrol Chainsaw

Solo 6238 Petrol chainsaw Chop off branches, prune small trees or cut up firewood – all of this is no problem for this lightweight, easy to use... more info

Solo 6436 Petrol Chainsaw

Solo 6436 Petrol Chainsaw The 6436 solo by AL-KO 35.2cc petrol chainsaw is the perfect all rounder for pruning branches, felling small trees or... more info

Solo 6442 Petrol Chainsaw

Solo 6442 Petrol Chainsaw The solo by AL-KO petrol chainsaw 6442 combines high performance and a light weight design in an attractive overall... more info

Solo 750P Walk Behind Leaf Vacuum

Solo 750 P Walk Behind Leaf Vacuum This powerful wheeled vacuum with a 75cm working width and a powerful 500E Briggs & Stratton engine just doesn't... more info

Solo Blower Vac

Solo Petrol Blower VAC When the leaves fall from the trees in the autumn, leaf blowers and blower vacs should be close at hand. The compact solo by... more info